• October 8, 2012

Fusion of SMS marketing with Education industry

Communication plays a very important role between parents, students and teachers if information on any aspect is needed to be collected. And what can be better than SMS communication. Since parents are occupied with their jobs, teachers devote most of their time towards students, and students have no clue about the activities going on, it will be preeminent for these three parties if less time consuming communication was possible.


Basic advantages of fusion of SMS marketing with Education industry include:


1) Keeping students updated with current events: in order to keep students updated with the current news and events, bulk SMS’s can be sent to them. This will not only help in collective information sharing, but it will also increase the knowledge of students.


2) Emergency notification to parents: in case of emergency notifications such as declaration of sudden holiday, change in the day’s time table, etc, bulk SMS can be sent to the parents to notify them about it.


3) Absenteeism alert to parents: SMS services come handy when children take an unplanned and without-prior-notice leaves. At such times, absenteeism alerts can be sent to the parents informing about the absence of their children from school.


4) Updating parents/students regarding events: transaction bulk SMS notifying the time and location of events like annual day, sports day, etc can be sent to parents/students to keep them informed and updated about the events. terrific


5) Sending fees due and other alerts: in order to ensure timely receipt of fees, parents can be notified about the fees due with the help of bulk SMS.


6) Fees enquiry through short code SMS service: enquiry of the entire course fees is possible by using short code SMS service. Parents can send an enquiry message on the specified number and get the desired response related to course fees for the year.


7) Parents-teachers-meet notification: the best way to keep the parents informed and updated about parents-teachers-meet, is through bulk SMS. They can be notified about the time, location and purpose of the meet, and changes in the schedule, if any.


8) Announcement of test/exam results through SMS: whenever test/exam results are announced, it is most likely that the students will forget to tell about it to their parents. At that juncture, SMS solutions come of use to let the parents know about test/exam results.


9) Attendance and performance report to parents: parents can be sent accurate attendance and performance reports of their children through bulk SMS. That way, parents would be able to monitor the performance of their children and make improvements.

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