• May 9, 2016

Delivering Remarkable Hospitality Service by Breaking the Taboo of Micro-Stay

Wondering what micro-stay is? Surprisingly, if you still haven’t heard about it and if you are an avid traveller, this one’s for you.   Based loosely on the concept of …
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  • February 15, 2016

How to Integrate MSG91 API With Twikster Software?

MSG91 is proud to be associated with Twikster, an ecommerce enablement platform that lets SMBs get started with their online stores, or as they call it store-y’s. With our SMS …
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  • February 12, 2016

MSG91 WHMCS SMS Plugin for real-time notification

Being one of the more popular and complete web hosting automation solution, there’s no surprise that world’s top brands are standardly integrated with WHMCS. The absolute billing and support solution …
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  • February 2, 2016

I know what MSG91 did last summer!

In February 2015, Team MSG91 embarked on a rigorous introspective journey with one tall order: dazzle the MSG91 customers at every step of the way. This was a yearlong exercise …
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  • December 31, 2015

How To Install And Send SMS With MSG91 SMS Extension For Magento

Glad to announce one more plugin! MSG91 SMS Extension. This SMS plugin allows you to to send SMS/alerts automatically at all levels, at all times, to your customers right from …
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  • December 1, 2015

How To Integrate MSG91 SMS API With Zencommerce Software

        MSG91 is delighted to announce the launch of a new application by Zencommerce with our SMS API integration. After this integration, we are the official SMS …
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  • November 16, 2015

Bulk Messaging Empowering Colleges And Universities- Ways And Ideas

    Numerous academies filled with millions of students are making this world a better place with education. Day-by-day the growth of educational academies is leading in an exponential increment …
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  • November 2, 2015

Stock markets: Where secured speed is the key!

  Stock markets are agile and competitive. Stock brokers need fast thinking and quick transfer of information to customers. It’s a market that’s governed by knowledge and speedy information. And …
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  • October 19, 2015

MSG91 SMS Extension for Magento to notify users

    Did you know that the websites of world’s top 10 brands including Samsung, Lenovo, Olympus, Ford and Nike are built on Magento? According to an Alexa Study report, …
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  • October 8, 2015

Let Their Wings Do The Flying with MSG91

    Not everyone is gifted with a phenomenal IQ level like Einstein & not everyone has the power to explore the concept of gravity with a falling apple. But …
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